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Aid Begins to Arrive in Nepal Following Deadly Earthquake


International rescue crews and relief agencies are beginning to arrive in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, two days after a massive earthquake rattled the country, killing more than 3,200 people and injuring several thousand others.

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Disaster response teams from various countries, including the United States, have deployed to the region to help search, rescue and recovery efforts.

Hospitals in the Kathmandu area have been overwhelmed with the many injured residents.


Kathmandu residents sought refuge outside overnight in fear of the numerous aftershocks that have followed Saturday's earthquake.


Communications systems from rural areas have been knocked out and landslides have likely cut off many villages.  The death and injury tolls are expected to rise when word comes in from those areas.

Saturday's 7.8 magnitude quake struck 80 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu, destroying large parts of the capital's historic center. 

Citing Nepali government sources, the United Nations said 35 of the country's 75 districts are affected. Some 30 million people live in Nepal.

VOA correspondent Steve Herman reports that emergency officials in Kathmandu say they are "overwhelmed" with rescue and assistance requests from across the country.

UNICEF says nearly one million children need the agency's assistance.

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