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Do you own an iPhone? Then you're SMARTER than an Android user


iPhone users have a reputation for being smug – and now they may have a good reason.

A recent study has found that people who use an iPhone are smarter than those who prefer Android devices.

This is based on research that found states with more college graduates also tend to have higher iPhone sales.

The study, by Massachusetts-based advertising group Chitika, discovered that Alaska, Montana and Vermont have the largest number of iPhone users in the US.

These states also have the highest percentage of college graduates.

Meanwhile, New Mexico, Iowa and Delaware have the lowest percentage of people who use iPhones, and a lower number of graduates.

As well as intelligence, the research found that wealth was linked to higher iPhone use – a factor that Chitika says is related to education.

The study also found that iPhone sales are linked to population density. The more densely populated an area, the more chance iPhone sales will be higher.

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