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Colorado Shooters Grill arms waitresses with loaded guns


A restaurant owner insists that of all her waitresses openly carry fully-loaded guns and encourages diners to tip with bullets after a man was killed onsite.

Lauren Boebert, 28, of Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, makes staff take a concealed weapon training class before letting them lose.


The devout Christian and mother-of-four says the firearm dress-code hasn't deterred customers and they flock from far and wide to catch a piece of the action.


'We've had people from Alaska, we've had people from Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, we've had customers drive all the way from Utah just to eat dinner,' she told Barcroft TV.


'We've seen people rewrite their vacation trips - they were going to go the southern route and decided to go the northern route so they could come into Rifle, Colorado and see us.'


Lauren has even adapted the menu to incorporate aptly-named dishes such as the 'Locked N’ Loaded Nachos' and 'Bull's Eye Grilled Chicken'.

The walls are also decked out with gun-themed decor - along with crosses reflecting Lauren’s strong religious faith.


The entrepreneur opened her eatery in May 2013 with the help of her husband Jayson, 34.


But only a month after launching, Lauren says a man was killed outside the venue.


She swiftly looked into getting a permit for a concealed weapon - only to discover that she could already openly carry guns in her own restaurant.


Recalling the chain of events, Lauren said: 'There was an altercation in our back alley that ended with a man losing his life so I began to look into getting a concealed weapon permit so I could start carrying.'


'I learned that in Colorado you do not need a permit to open carry so I took my gun to work the next day.'

'Now all of the waitresses openly wear guns and carry dangerous hollow-point bullets - which are designed to cause maximum damage to a potential attacker by expanding on impact.'


Despite the obvious lethal dangers, even junior staff members are allowed to pack heat.


Broke Shackleford, 17, said: 'Well because of my age I actually can't carry everywhere but I can carry when I hunt.


'My mom carries everywhere, my dad carries everywhere and I can carry at the restaurant because it's Lauren's private property and she allows me to do so.'


Broke says that customers are encouraged to tip with bullets - some even leave weapons.


The server added: 'I know some of the waitresses have been tipped in ammo but it has never happened to me.


'It was just nice and actually quite funny - it was a good tip.'


Police say Shooters Grill's open carry gun policy would be different if the diner served alcohol.


However, it only offers soda, coffee and juice to help ensure patrons stay in control of their pistols.

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