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Apple CEO Apple high-profile business out of the closet or affected

Reported from foreign media, Tim Cook, the 53-year old CEO of Apple has publicly come out as gay?yesterday and described his sexuality as “among the greatest gifts God has given me”.
Cook wrote that his coming out is in the hope that he can ‘help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is’. Cook has never commented on his sexual preference in the past few years, but many times he has supported gay activism for equal rights. 
Leading the most valuable company in the world---Apple, Cook gives special play of that brand in the fighting of equal rights for gay groups. Cook said that his coming out this time, throwing out his personal privacies, is in the hope that people could view his group justly and fairly and he hoped that people could respect his choice.
It’s reported that the public statement of Cook has won many supports from CEOs of Silicon Valley on Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook even complimented Cook as the “courageous leader”.
However, the international image of Apple, the internationally influential corporation, would be more or less influenced by the statement of its core figures. As pointed out by Reuter, the coming-out of Cook may have an influence on the symbol of its products in more conservative countries, like Russia, Iran and part of Asian countries. 
What’s worth mentioning is that nearly half of Apple’s profits come from oversea market. With China being its second largest market, whether its view on gay would affect Apple’s development in China, it’s still too soon to tell. 
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