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Chinese buzzwords draw attention

The Chinese phrase "nihao" is familiar to foreigners greeting Chinese; a new buzzword "tuhao" is

now becoming known to many Westerners.

A BBC online news magazine loosely translated "tuhao" to "nouveau riche" and reported that there

have been more than 100 million uses of the word on social media since early September.

The Consumer News and Business Channel said in its program "Inside Wealth" that in China,

"tuhao" roughly translates to crass splendor and the word has quickly gone viral on blogosphere.

Literally, in Chinese, "tu" means uncultured and "hao" means wealth. In fact, "tuhao" is an old word

originally referring to rural landlords who bullied their tenants or servants. A well-known slogan

"overthrow tuhao and divide up their land" was quite popular during the Agrarian Revolution in the

mid of the 20th century.

The old-fashioned term is gaining popularity again. For example, Apple's newly released

champagne-colored iPhone 5s, which received unexpected welcome in China, is dubbed "tuhao" golden.


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