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China's total foreign trade over the United States with a large gap between foreign powers

According to the U.S. Commerce Department trade statistics released on the 8th, the United States in 2012 over the previous year's total merchandise trade increased by 3.5 percent to $ 3,862,859,000,000. According to Chinese customs data released in January of this year, China's trade in 2012 amounted to $ 3,866,760,000,000, has slightly surpassed the United States. This is the second in 2009 China has become the world's largest exporter and second largest importer after he had a remarkable node data.

Guangdong Provincial Party School professor I just functional analysis, as the market continues to expand, enhance value-added products, "Made in China" is very competitive, and the expansion of domestic demand driven, these are China's foreign trade grew steadily over the United States and to the importance of reasons, especially in the last year, overall global demand slump in the case, this data is more rare, indicating that China in the global trading system are increasingly affected.

I just work, said although China's total foreign trade than the United States, but the gap is still evident in many respects: from the industrial division of labor, China's foreign trade in the global industrial chain, mainly processing sectors, and U.S. innovation, research and development mainly there are gaps; from the sustainability perspective, China's foreign trade by the environment, resources, increasing labor constraints, manifested in a variety of rising costs, many foreign trade enterprises reflects While exports increased, but profits did not improve, enhance space is also affected by labor income constraints; from dependence on foreign trade, China's dependence on foreign trade still amounted to about 50%, much higher than the United States, about 30% of domestic and external demand mismatch problem still outstanding. Therefore, China's industrial restructuring and upgrading, expanding domestic demand and stability in the foreign trade of both the orientation can not relax, and strive to achieve as soon as possible from a "foreign power" to "foreign powers" of the leap.

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