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The next five years China will import $ 10 trillion global commodity

As the world's second largest economy, China's economic development has brought opportunities to the world. Premier Li Keqiang recently in Switzerland, "New Zurich newspaper" published a signed article says, the next five years, China will import about $ 10 trillion of goods, foreign investment will reach 500 billion U.S. dollars. He said that China's economic development prospects are very bright, will give the developing countries, including Switzerland, to bring more opportunities.

A lot of growth potential has not yet released

China dare throw $ 10 trillion global sourcing large orders, behind the strong backing of the economic development. Li said: "On China's development opportunities, please allow me to briefly enumerate the following specific examples: in 2012 China's GDP at comparable be 3.2 times in 2000, has more than doubled; to 2020 in 2010 through the efforts of on the basis of double again, to be an average annual growth of about 7%. "

Recently, the international emerge from time to time "bearish China" remarks, in fact, these people underestimate China's economic growth potential.

China International Economic and Exchange Center Zheng Xinli, deputy director pointed out that there are a lot of potential for economic growth is not released, the first is the potential demand. On the one hand is the huge demand for urbanization. Li Keqiang said that China is actively and steadily promote urbanization, and hundreds of millions of farmers into urban population will release greater market demand.

"On the other hand is a huge potential consumer demand has not yet released," Zheng Xinli said that with the change in the pattern of economic development, we will expand domestic demand, adjust the income distribution structure, and enhance consumption on economic growth stimulus.

Zheng Xinli noted that other potential including capital potential, for example, to stimulate the vitality of private capital and the use of adequate foreign exchange reserves in overseas investment; technological potential, by continuing the introduction, digestion, absorption, can use existing resources to enhance scientific and technological level of production, and so on. Zheng Xinli that as long as economic development through reform continue to release the vitality of China for 20 years and then rapid growth is no problem.

China's development provides an opportunity to the global

In the economic globalization today, developing countries depend on each other, which one country can be "spared." Chinese people tap their economic potential, it is also to share this achievement with other countries.

German TV station once said that "the Chinese market, the German Future" reported that the shadow of the European debt crisis, the German market can be a winner with China rising demand for German goods have great links. America's largest grain-producing states of Iowa Soybean Association Kimberly Grant, director of marketing, said the Chinese people have more income, they will eat better and consume more meat, more fodder for U.S. agricultural products will increase the demand. University of Witwatersrand Business School scholar Kofi Library A library that Chinese imports has greatly promoted the employment of African countries to promote economic development in Africa.

"China is also the world the opportunity to opportunity", the China International Economic and Exchange Center Information Minister Xu Hong fishes, told reporters that China's economic development requires a lot of imported foreign technology and products, which is an opportunity for other countries. Meanwhile, China is also actively to invest overseas, stimulating local employment, promote local economic development. Hong Xu was said that economic globalization is the trend, China is willing to make more contributions to world economic development. States should break trade protectionism, do addition, give each other opportunities. Do not do subtraction, you hit me, I hit you, hit the last, opportunity, and feelings are gone.

Xi Jinping said that the new century, China's trade with neighboring countries by the more than 1000 billion U.S. dollars to 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars, has become a large neighboring country's largest trading partner, largest export market and an important source of investment. China with the interests of Asia and the world an unprecedented fusion of breadth and depth. Xi Jinping stressed that China develops, the more to give Asia and the world to bring development opportunities.

Should import products in short supply short board

China is already the world's second importer, is the world's fastest growing large country imports. Department of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute researcher Mei Xinyu (microblogging) said that since 2002, except for a few years, China has maintained double-digit annual increase in imports, in 2010 and 2011, China imported an average annual growth rate of up to 22.4 %. Experts predict that in the next five years imports of $ 10 trillion, which is an annual $ 2 trillion, this plan is not high, more than a great possibility.

Statistics show that China imports mainly manufactured goods, accounting for more than 60%, as well as primary products, accounting for more than 30% of total imports. Import growth in the future, the naval task was that the import of Chinese economic construction should be short board shortage of products, such as energy resources, high-tech products. Especially in developed countries, energy saving, green low-carbon technologies.

Mei Xinyu said that the future will further focus on the needs of Chinese imports of manufactured goods to machinery and transport equipment, chemical products and primary products of non-food raw materials, energy and other tilt, in addition, the increase in imports of agricultural products will be relatively large.

Customs Director Yu Guangzhou said that pay attention to regulatory policy, bonded policy and the role of tax relief policies, increase energy resources, advanced technology equipment and consumer goods imports domestic needs support



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