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False trade rebound? July trade data, or to the good

In the steady growth of the main tone, the export was again high hopes.

Continued to decline in the face of 5,6 month export figures, the State Council recently issued 12 measures to promote exports, from August 1 to the end of five months, free export inspection fees, speed up the customs clearance speed, but also requires financial institutions to financing foreign trade enterprises to cooperate. Meanwhile, AQSIQ 1507 commodity export inspection is no longer practiced.

In the foreign trade enterprises view, these measures will promote export trading company, is conducive to increased orders. But there are people in the industry believe that this also means that the passage of goods more convenient, false trade practices homeopathy may rise again. There are even pointed out that, in order to increase foreign trade data, regulators must tolerate fraud and arbitrage exists.

Cancel promote export commodity inspection

Recently, the State Council issued "on the promotion of export steady growth, adjusting the structure of a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), from August 1 until December 31 of this year, five months, all outbound inspection goods, means of transport, containers and other statutory inspection and quarantine objects, free export commodity inspection costs, reduce the types of goods exported law review, in principle, no longer subject to export manufactured goods generally the law review. Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, told reporters that the free cover most of the fees, charges generally export goods are basically free.

The boss looks at the trading company, waive inspection fees limited role in promoting exports, the key is to cancel inspection link.

August 1, AQSIQ and Customs jointly adjusted the inspection directory, from August 15 onwards, the 1507 customs commodity codes under the general industrial products are no longer subject to export commodity inspection, including cotton textiles, clothing, steel, rubber tires and other goods.

"Cancel commodity trade company is big plus, especially for export goods more complex for companies to reduce a lot of trouble." Owner of a trading company in Shenzhen Guo Shan told reporters, sometimes foreign customers to buy goods more complex, species range, but the number and amount of each may be small, several or dozens of distributors generally purchase from the factory, but many parts require inspection, in accordance with existing policy, only products manufacturer in order to apply for inspection, even find the factory purchase, if a small number of factories would prefer not to sell nor help for commodity inspection, only to give up this last list.

But AQSIQ directory in the adjustment of dangerous chemicals, fireworks, lighters, toys and stroller products, food contact products, automotive and other industrial products continue to implement the rare earth export commodities inspection.

"Export commodity inspection should be abolished, exports of developed countries in Europe and America do not need to check, the seizure of imports." Beam boss to do business more than a decade, the company mainly exports textile equipment and accessories, unhappy with aspects of inspection. In his opinion, the factory itself has a strict inspection of product quality, while the inspection department of the samples tested just walking program was established nominal charge, without any real significance.

False rebound in trade?

In May this year, as against false trade, customs had more than $ 100,000 will be seized cargo traffic.

"Inspection canceled without verification of goods does not mean that the Customs." Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Guangdong Province, an official said.

Import and export trading company in Shenzhen Haisheng a person also told reporters that not export goods are not checked when the goods arrive at the port, the Department will apply the data according to check the goods inspection, currently only canceled the inspection part, the other part checks yet relaxed.

"Opinions" that since 2013, import and export situation is complex and grim, export growth is slowing down, increasing the difficulty of restricting export development. According to Customs statistics, in the first four months of rapid growth of foreign trade data anomalies in the shot squeezed water regulators, the foreign trade growth rate fell in May and June, which in June export growth to drop by 3.1%, a record 44 months minimum.

In the Futian Free Trade Zone, a customs agent company had sales manager surnamed seems cancel inspection, cargo traffic also means that more convenient. "Opinions" should be made to improve the relevance and effectiveness of customs inspection, speed up customs clearance, so that customs clearance will be deregulation, false trade practices homeopathy may rise again, take the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. "Fraud molecules may stage a comeback." He said.

At present, many economists expect the July trade data later will gradually rise.

"The current macro-control the main tone is steady growth, to maintain the 7.5 percent annual GDP growth rate in the second quarter data is in decline, if exports continue to decline to a serious drag on growth data." Shenzhen, a large joint-stock commercial bank, a person that , foreign trade policy will be relaxed in the second half of corporate finance.

"Opinions" also mentioned that there are orders to support financial institutions, enterprises and projects cost-effective provision of loans, foreign trade enterprises to develop export tax rebate accounts managed loans and export credit insurance policy financing, expanding the scale of foreign exchange reserves, entrusted loans, to encourage the development Short-term export credit insurance business. To prevent cheating on the basis of the tax rebate, to further improve the efficiency of tax audit, tax rebates to accelerate progress to ensure timely and full refund. Meanwhile, research to promote foreign trade enterprise development policies integrated services for small and medium private enterprises export customs clearance, financing, rebates and other services.

"If I let short-term letters of credit, foreign trade arbitrage will increase, of course, but also can increase the foreign trade data." The commercial bank source said, in order to protect data, regulatory authorities must also tolerate fraud and arbitrage behavior.

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