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China to build "high-speed Silk Road" to promote trade and prosperity Northwest


Lanzhou, July 24 Xinhua (Reporter Zhang Wenjing Niejian Jiang Hu Zhenhua) from Lanzhou to Urumqi has more than 1900 km away, in the distant ancient times, people on camels walking, take two months to arrive. Now, a high-speed railway connecting two cities are under construction, more than a year later, the travel time between the two places will be shortened to eight hours.
"It's quite a sense of crossing." Is being built this high-speed rail project personnel Wuhan Fei said.
31-year-old Wuhan Fei is China Railway Bureau Group Co., a project management personnel, in June 2010 he was with the army of thousands of people came to the railway construction Zhangye City in Gansu Province Gaotai County's high-speed rail construction site.
This site distant sea, is a 60 years old before the construction of the railway - Lan New Line.
In 1952, China started the construction of a territory was the longest railway: from Lanzhou to Urumqi, Lanzhou line. After 10 years of hard construction, Lan-Xin Railway opened to traffic in 1962. Currently, the railway is the "Silk Road" and "Eurasian Continental Bridge" on the important railway transport corridors.
November 4, 2009, China began along the ancient "Silk Road" to build a high-speed railway. This length of more than 1700 kilometers of railway line starting from Lanzhou, through mountains, Gobi desert, into Xinjiang Urumqi.
Due to the geographical conditions are very complex, a new high-speed railway construction Lan to overcome high altitude, cold, heat, wind, and other technical problems.
Lan new high-speed railway is expected to be initially opened in October 2014, when it will be mainly responsible for the high-speed railway passenger transport missions. And both of Lan-Xin Railway freight will be the main transmission capacity will also be increased by 2 times.
"Train from Beijing to Urumqi now need more than 40 hours after the opening of high-speed railway, will achieve Zhaofaxizhi." Sky Lanzhou Railway Bureau Wu said.
From a few months to a few hours, "High Speed ​​Silk Road" is not only the speed of change, as well as in northwest China's economic structure.
Chinese silk was the "Silk Road" on the main trade goods, now the "High Speed ​​Silk Road" along the agricultural, tourism, new energy, logistics and other industries are prosperous.
Lan new high speed railway line littered with countless historic "Silk Road" remains, the tourism industry promising. According to the Gansu Dunhuang City Tourism Bureau data, in the first four months, the number of tourists to Dunhuang reached 750,000 passengers, tourism revenue 690 million yuan. "High-speed railway, Dunhuang tourist growth will be amazing." Dunhuang City Tourism Bureau Wei Zhizhong said.
Dunhuang, Turpan, Xinjiang is now a par with the "Grape Valley." In ancient times only wealthy families can enjoy Western grapes, now Dunhuang fresh grapes each year about 100,000 tons transported by rail to the Central Plains into the "homes of ordinary people."
"If in ancient times, 100,000 tons of grapes of 5,000 camels transport one or two months." Dunhuang City qilizhen peasant cattle Xinjun said.
"Silk Road" on the distribution of large and small oasis, right in the ancient camel as transport business travel, the oasis means life, an oasis in the Gobi Desert and the desert beyond the endless desert it means hardships and even death. Today, the "land of the dead" is an entirely different story.
Yumen in Gansu on the outskirts of the Gobi, more than 1,100 wind towers stand tall like white forest in the Gobi stretches over 40 kilometers. Yumen City Mayor Song Seng said the convenience of rail transport a large number of imported iron and steel and other raw materials as possible, Yumen is seizing an opportunity to build the "Silk Road" on the new energy and equipment manufacturing base. "By 2015, these two industry's annual sales revenue reached 15 billion yuan." Song Seng said.
Was the "Silk Road" an important stopover for Lanzhou in northwest China is building a railway logistics largest city, in response to high-speed railway has brought new demands. According to the Lanzhou Railway Bureau predicted that 2015 years of Lanzhou Railway cargo throughput of about 17 million tons in 2020 to grow to 25 million tons.
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