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Guangzhou Tak Chun Trading Company is the Guangzhou Foreign Trade (Group) Corporation under the set of international freight forwarders, customs agents, import and export trade as an integrated foreign trade enterprises.
For countries to China's foreign friends Chinese translators.
There are state-issued certificate of approval of international freight forwarding enterprises (ID: 19047) foreign trade and economic cooperation, you can accept the commission, air, sea and air transport agency business.
U is the Guangzhou International Freight Forwarders Association member companies, members of the Executive Board.
Administration of Customs approved 9:28, customs agents have the right to self-supporting import and export.
Was named 2005 9:28 Guangzhou 100 credit enterprise logistics and shipping.
Our international transport sector is mainly for international air transportation (including international courier: DHL, UPS, TNT) and freight transport of goods on behalf of Operation
Guangzhou Dechun Trade Ltd. Company
Guangzhou Dechun Trade Ltd. Company