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2000 China's export industry elite Guangzhou On the Road "Made in China"

Internationally renowned father of modern marketing • Philip Kotler (Right) on June 13 came to Guangzhou to attend the GMC manufacturing CEO Forum, Kotler live on the "'Made in China' how to market worldwide," as the theme for speech. Zhang Gan Shuo photo

Global Market Group on the 13th was held in Guangzhou, "CEO Forum," China's exports over 2000 business leaders, government officials, economists and other co-Guangzhou, explore the current international economic environment "Made in China" long-term development of the road. Create "long-term development of the road.

Forum, which was attended numerous Chinese export manufacturers are from the "Global Manufacturers Alliance" (GMC) of the member companies, the Forum became a Chinese manufacturing entrepreneurs thinking party. Internationally renowned Professor Philip Kotler • also came to the scene, on the "'Made in China' how to market worldwide," make a speech.

GUANGZHOU, electrical equipment, general manager of Wu Wenbin said, by rising raw material costs, labor costs and other superimposed factors, many export enterprises in China is at the plight of poor marketing. China is currently accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, the period of China's manufacturing industry faces increasing internal and external pressures.

Wu Wenbin said that in the past, many foreign buyers of "Made in China" and "low price, low quality" linked to fundamentally solve the "Made in China" issue, it is necessary to change the traditional marketing methods. Wu Wenbin said that many Chinese companies have been in continuous innovation, and has been recognized by economic sector and the business community; marketing model transformation and innovation of traditional Chinese enterprises have become the short board.

Hu Wei, general manager of Global Markets Group right that, in the face of today's China bottleneck in the development of export enterprises, Chinese-made marketing road worth considering. Enterprises should establish their own brand names and through unite, pushing to break through, and then open the international market. In addition, the "Made in China" need to produce high-quality products, and establish an international brand, marketing keep values ​​integration, companies need to focus on its mission of social values.

Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission chief Yeh age party members said that Guangdong is China's major manufacturing base, is still to maintain a good momentum of development. Guangdong manufacturing imminent transformation and upgrading and independent innovation capability has yet to be strengthened. Guangdong will actively support the manufacturing industry to accelerate development of independent brands, the development of e-commerce, e-commerce to promote Guangdong International construction, manufacturing enterprises in the new international marketing revolution to create a better environment.



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