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why need purchasing agent in China

1.Easy communication

Nowadays, buyers and sellers often do not meet each other. They agreed upon transaction by phone, fax, mail and other media . Finishing the whole deal process by computers and Internet.But it may turn out,the products are not exact what they want.Still,they can’t contact the seller ASAP until they are “online”.More worse,different languages can cause a big trouble when negotiating. While a buying agent can easily communicate with the seller in local language, display products which their clients really need, bargaining in suitable way, which make communication more effective and easy.

2.Speed up transaction

The transaction cycle is very long.Buyers often need one month or even longer to looking for suppliers,comparing price,negotiating payment term,finding a reliable transport company,then,weeks to shipping goods.  Accordingly, the seller also needs time to recover payment the same long time. As a result,they may miss the best chance to expand their markets,especially for those who are specialized in some festival or seasonal products.While a buying agent is familiar with the market,and can find the reliable supplier in short time. They have years of experience,know how to negotiate in a effective way and deal with unexpected problems immediately.Moreover ,they have good and stable relationship with transport company,which would suggest them the best shipping way. They can help business transactions proceed be quickly.

3. Cut down cost

After comparing so many price from suppliers ,you think you have found the lowest price? It may be a much cheaper one in somewhere of market.Or may be it is the lowest price,but the quality is far lower than the average level,and you have to resourcing,so that you can sell them out and keep your reputation. The sourcing agent here in China,they know well about the market price,and will find you the most cost -effective one,help you cut down the cost. And suggesting you how to save money from unnecessary things during the whole process.

4.cut the red tape

There are many middle links and rules when sourcing in China.The buyers could get stuck in some unexpected situation. And sourcing agents in China are very familiar with the situation in China, the prevailing market and what the rules are, therefore,they can cut the red tape,help you sourcing in China easier.

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Guangzhou Dechun Trade Ltd. Company